Expert Analytic Centre (EAC) was established in 2014 as part of Malaysia’s strategic push towards big data and analytics. EAC functions as a strategic centre to conduct the research, design and development of Big Data and Analytics driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is carried out across various strategic disciplines to meet the market needs and industry gaps faced by institutions and organisations in Malaysia.

EAC’s primary objectives are to:

1. transform organisations by making radical changes in how they operate:

2. encourage and foster innovation amongst industry practitioners in AI-driven analytics

3. work closely with public, private and non-profit sectors to understand organisational needs and decision-making

4. develop competencies of young Malaysians in analytics

5. help policy makers measure social impact and public value through analytics

EAC employs techniques and develops solutions incorporating broad areas of mathematics, statistics, operations research,information science, and computer science, including probability models, machine learning, statistical learning, data mining, database, data engineering, pattern recognition and learning, visualization, predictive analytics, uncertainty modeling, data compression, computer programming, artificial intelligence, and high performance computing.

Through EAC’s deployment and use of big data analytics tools, it can empower companies to improve operational efficiency, drive new revenue and gain competitive advantages over business rivals. It can also help to develop more complex predictive and prescriptive modeling to anticipate business opportunities and make decisions that affect profits in areas such as targeting marketing campaigns, reducing customer churn and avoiding equipment failures.