Datuk Dr Mohd Daud Bakar

Both big data analytics and artificial intelligence orientations are new and novelty in Malaysia. We, EAC, aspire to be amongst the first to offer this service. We also believe that Malaysia, both the public and private sector would require a new way of working smarter.

Transformation is a living organism and it may take more than one dimension. One way of doing transformation in a more cost-effective, less human resource and less time is via smart technology. Smart technology can outsmart humans in certain areas, thus leading to transformation.

We would like to believe that every part that deals with data and high performance is the potential client or beneficiary of EAC. EAC can help them not only to add productivity, but also to improve the human resource and budget planning.

We aspire to be the catalyst of impact measurement, big data analytics and artificial intelligence provider for the Malaysian clientele, both the government and private. We also believe in partnership and knowledge transfer. The more talent we have, the better for Malaysia moving forward.

We welcome you to explore partnering opportunities with us. Thank you.