The EAC Professionals Programme (EPP) is open to final year undergraduate and graduate level students from any field of study, and early career professionals (less than 4 years of work experience).

Your opportunity

The EAC is intended to grow your perspective of EAC’s business and provide a foundation for professional growth and career advancement. You will gain a significant degree of insight and exposure to various analytics functions across the organisation. The EPP experience also fosters the opportunity to connect with people who can help guide your career.

The EPP takes place over 8 months from June 2016 to December 2016 in Malaysia:

  • Learn analytics basics in a 5-week Bootcamp
  • Develop organisational perspective via 9 to 10 weeks’ long rotations to five verticals across EAC
  • Learn from experienced seniors during the rotations
  • Meet prospective mentors and senior professionals through organised events

After the programme, you will begin your initial years with EAC in the area of business you expressed an interest in while interviewing with us. EAC’s business scope offers significant career opportunities in all aspects of analytics management. You may find yourself contributing to EAC in a new area after a few years, depending on business needs, your readiness and career aspirations.

What we look for

  • High level of interest in analytics markets across five verticals.
  • High learning agility
  • Demonstrated communications, organisation and leadership skill

What to consider

EPP Associates are expected to learn quickly within a short time and demonstrate a good understanding of EAC’s business. While a financial background is not necessary, we expect you to have a strong interest in the analytics markets and have demonstrated strong academic performance and professional drive.

We look forward to our associates growing their careers in EAC. Do consider if you are a good fit with EAC, and getting to know EAC is a must. Do talk to our staff, alumni, people whom we do business with, or your classmates who have interned with us.


Applications are welcome from now. We review applications on a rolling basis and interviews take place starting from May 2014.


You will meet many EAC professionals with whom you may eventually work. This allows us to assess if you are an overall good fit with EAC. At the same time, it will also help you to make an informed decision on a career with EAC. Besides interviews, you may be invited to take tests and participate in activity-based assessments.


The next step is yours. To apply today, please email CV in strict confidence to siewwan@eac.my.