Corporations and Listed Companies


A medium to large corporation has a fairly significant exposure to customers and suppliers that flow through their business operations. While these activities are regarded as “business-as-usual” routines, it is susceptible to counterparty risk exposures. This is especially the case if there is an economic blowout that would affect industries and companies.

With MyFinB analytics, the corporation can get a better feel of its suppliers and customers – like how much risk each counterparty represents, would the counterparty be able to fulfill its deliverables, the types of credit terms to issue to debtors/receivables, the amount of business to transact with the suppliers.

MyFinB analytics provides a systematic and methodical approach to corporations in terms of measuring risks and returns of their receivables and creditors.

MyFinB also enables corporations to determine credit costs and risk-adjusted returns through its credit scoring capabilities that comes with predictive features.