People who decide to provide funds to a company or a project need do so in an intelligent manner.

They need to determine if a business is an excellent one to invest in the first place. For instance, they need to ascertain:

  1. Does the business have an identifiable consumer or market?
  1. Are the earnings of the company strong and showing an upward trend?
  1. Is the company conservatively financed or leverage well to earn more than sufficient returns?
  1. Does the business consistently earn a decent rate of return on shareholders’ equity across economic cycles?
  1. Does the business get to retain its earnings and use it wisely to expand into new markets at the right time? How good a job does the management do at this?
  1. How much does the business have to spend on maintaining current operations?

With MyFinB, investors from the retail and institutional segments as well as crowdfunders have the opportunity to examine risks and returns in a systematic way.

MyFinB analytical reports provide investors with insights on whether the company has done well in the past and whether it will continue to perform in the future.

Moreover, MyFinB can generate a list of key questions surrounding the investee company’s circumstances for investors.

These questions serve as a basis for investors to ask the investees on how they would address these issues.

In predicting whether companies succeed or fail, MyFinB can guide investors to achieve higher risk-adjusted returns.