Professional Service Providers


For professional services providers such as accounting and legal firms, MyFinB greatly changes the way they service their clients.

For example, accounting firms have to prepare financial statements for their clients. Now imagine, these statements can be fed into MyFinB and turned into a higher level, CFO-styled management reports.

These reports help the business owners identify financial gaps, improve their financial ratings, identify factors that affect their valuation and more. You don’t have to hire an expensive financial expert because MyFinB becomes your Financial Buddy that can do the job for you effortlessly. As a result, accountants and financial advisors can handle 6x more cases than their usual capacity and boost their profit margins by at least 30%!

Now let’s turn our attention to lawyers who are undertaking corporate litigation cases. Lawyers commonly need to conduct a preliminary check on the companies they are advising, their ownership structure and financial positions.

MyFinB can unravel insights and provide good Intel to the lawyers who need to conduct due diligence on their clients: whether they are facing any financial and structural issues on hand, what types of operational issues they are facing at present and in the future, understanding the way they manage their businesses and more. Such strategic information can boost the effectiveness of the lawyers’ tactics in handling the cases. Winning litigation cases starts with being able to gain financial and business insights on the clients’ cases before taking them on!

In short, MyFinB gives professional services providers an extra edge with its analytics that are driven by its proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine. When you think of MyFinB, think of reliability, accuracy and timeliness. So why wait? Make MyFinB your Financial Buddy now.