Target User(s)

Insurance agencies, financial institutions, insurers, banc assurance, wealth managers, financial planners, and consumers at-large (beneficiaries / policyholders), insurance brokers.



Insurance Metrics (InsuMets).


The Need(s)

Forward-thinking insurers and wealth managers are reassessing their role in an emerging economy where service is increasingly personalised and real time, measured by outcomes and delivered through powerful digital ecosystems. They see disruption as an opportunity for new growth, and they’re hungry to learn from digital leaders in other industries.



To ascertain the needs, situation, financial profile and demographics of consumers that will generate a best-fit financial and protection solution for all stakeholders.



Empower all issuers of health insurance and financial plans to design, advise and provide consumers with highly customised, clearer, more consistent and comparable information – involving the consumers’ health/financial plan benefits and coverage that are uniquely based on their situations.