Target User(s)

Government agencies, non-profit organisations, voluntary welfare organisations, and corporations undertaking CSR activities.



Public Value Scorecard, FESP, EPIC, 3PPS, DTS, SROI.


The Need(s)

Governments and other organisation types around the world are putting pressure on their public managers to improve service quality and deliver efficiency at the same time: to do more, for less. Public service organisations, in particular, aim to generate public value: a direct and not always immediate benefit to service recipients and the wider community of citizens, businesses and taxpayers. That value—be it education, public safety, health and other aspects of the public good—can be difficult to identify and causally relate to service delivery.



To help public agencies, institutions and corporations assess the impact and social outcome of their policies onto the community.



Attain clusters of values that relate to the outcome of public services include notions of enhancing quality of life, wellbeing and happiness, social capital, social cohesion and social inclusion, safety and security.